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Our highly experienced and caring emergency dentists provide urgent dental care services in London to patients who suffer from a variety of dental emergencies. These can be more routine emergency dental treatments for chipped tooth, lost filling, broken tooth, severe tooth pain, lost or broken dentures and broken crown/ veneer, swellings to more complex surgical procedures like extraction of wisdom teeth, root canal treatments and damages due to dental traumas.

We are part of Bayswater Dental Clinic, situated at 1 Cervantes Court, Inverness Terrace, Bayswater, London, W2 6JE.  Our emergency dentists offer out of hours services so that we can help for your emergency dental care needs. We provide same-day appointments and accept patients on Saturdays and Sundays in case they find weekend to be more suitable. Call our Emergency Dentist in London for 24 Hour appointment Online at 02072294627 for Urgent Dental Care Treatments. We also respond to WhatsApp queries on 07885532883. Alternatively you can write to us at [email protected] for booking your emergency dental care appointment.

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Dental emergencies might be extremely painful and we provide out-of-hours service as we know such dental needs might occur at any moment. We offer immediate treatments for dental emergency concerns which range from chipped or broken teeth to swelling and toothaches to extraction of painful wisdom teeth. We ensure to deliver the best dental care and emergency service in terms of reliability, quality and affordability.

Feel free to avail our urgent dental care services by giving us a call and we will book your appointment with the first available dentist and will be seen quickly. Alternatively book your appointment Online at your convenience.

Emergency dental care

Excellent care and easy access

Our Clinic was established in early 1960s in west of London and ever since it has been providing excellent general, cosmetic and complex dental services by our highly qualified and caring team of dentists. Over the years we have been caring for dental needs of up to three generations of the same family! We are located in Bayswater area, West London, W2 6JE, within 2-10 minutes walking distance from Bayswater, Queensway, Royal Oak, Paddington and Notting Hill Gate underground stations.



There are many different causes of toothache


There are lots of reasons why you might need to have a tooth extracted.

Tooth Extraction
Wisdom Tooth

When your wisdom teeth come through, it can cause some discomfort.

Wisdom tooth
Broken Tooth, Trauma

A broken or cracked tooth may cause a very painful toothache, especially if the inner pulp of the tooth is exposed.

Broken Tooth Trauma
Our Emergency Treatments
Root Canal treatment
Root Canal

Root canal treatment doesn’t need to be painful. Before any root canal treatment is carried out patient...

Broken Dentures
Broken Dentures

If you have a broken denture, make an appointment

Fixing Crowns
Fixing Crowns

A loose crown can be very unsettling, but it is also a very common problem.

Loose Tooth
Loose Tooth

A loose tooth in adulthood doesn’t occur without cause. You may initially...


There are many different causes of toothache


There are lots of reasons why you might need to have a tooth extracted.

Wisdom Tooth

When your wisdom teeth come through, it can cause some discomfort.

Broken Tooth, Trauma

A broken or cracked tooth may cause a very painful toothache, especially if the inner pulp of the tooth is exposed.


We offer simple to complex dental treatments by our highly caring and experienced dental team at the height levels of competency and professionalism. We see our patients as a person that is in need of our help, our services and our utmost care. Our patients needs always has the top priority. We listen to your concerns, consider your expectations and circumstances and then we will do our utmost to address your dental needs in line with that.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic, the dental team continuously keep themselves up to date with the latest knowledge and developments in the fields of dentistry and we are at the forefront of introducing the latest proven safe and sound technologies in dentistry for the better of our patients. In terms of staff, equipment and technologies and the environment, we constantly invest in our clinic for provision of the highest standard of dental treatments in a nice and comforting atmosphere.

Why choose us
  • Patient do not need to be registered with us to benefit from out of hours emergency dental appointments. New patients are welcomed.
  • Nervous patient are welcomed.
  • Highly rated private dental emergency service in London.
  • We have an experienced, caring and professional team of dentist offering emergency dental treatments.
  • All of our fees are published in advance and no hidden costs. Unlike many other providers of emergency dental services in London and the UK, we are very transparent with what we offer and the cost involved.
  • We are located in central London, W2, with easy public and road access when you need an emergency dental appointment.
  • Effectively, we are the emergency dentist near you in London as access to us is so easy by public transport and roads from all corners of Greater London.
  • We offer same day appointment and start the treatment on the same visit to relive pain in any way possible.
  • All patients get a written quotation about the costs involved before any treatment starts. So patients are fully aware of the dental emergency procedure and the fees involved. No hidden costs
  • Dental emergency appointments can be made by calling us or, very conveniently, by booking online 24 hours a day for an emergency dental appointment.
  • With our in-house scanners, we can diagnose and treat more accurately.
  • We offer comprehensive treatment solutions to each case that comes our way with the latest technology at an affordable price.
  • Satisfied patients served in the past 60 years or more.

emergency dental appointment only £49

We assess, diagnose, offer alternative treatment options and treat our patients in the same way that we would like to be treated our self as a patient.





If decay or a broken/chipped tooth or a cracked tooth is the cause of your pain, immediately see an emergency dentist. If swollen gum or face is the cause of the pain, again see an emergency dentist immediately. Please be aware using painkiller gels near your sore tooth or gum may chemically burn the gum and lead to pain and more complications. Oral pain killers can be a better solution for these situations. Avoid overdosing and always read the label of painkillers bought over the counter. If food impaction causes toothache, rinse mouth with warm salt water and floss to get rid of debris. Applying cold compress to the check can lessen swelling.

Broken or Chipped Teeth

Broken or Chipped Teeth

It depends how badly a tooth is broken and at what level. In trauma cases save the broken section, specially with front teeth, as it might be possible to glue them back on. If there is bleeding with gum and there is dirt in the gum, try to rinse with warm water, if possible, and then apply a moist gauze under some pressure to the injured site to stop bleeding. A cold compress can be applied to your face to ease swelling and soothe the pain. Most importantly, schedule your emergency dentist appointment for immediate assessment and treatment.

Knocked Out Teeth

Knocked-out teeth

If the tooth is not shattered, you need to hold on to it. It may be possible to reinsert the tooth back into its socket. Patient can do this them self as the quicker this is done, the better it is. Remove any dirt carefully from the tooth root. Touching root surface should be minimised and avoid scrubbing away the remaining tissue fragments. Place the tooth back gently into the socket and try to get its position correct as much as possible. See your dentist or an emergency dentist immediately. If you find this very difficult to do, then keep it within your cheek so that the saliva bathes it. Avoid swallowing it. Store it in milk for children.

Extruded or Partially dislodged tooth

Extruded or Partially dislodged tooth

Apply cold compress to your cheek to lessen the pain. You may take over-the-counter pain medication, if necessary and visit the emergency dentist or your own dentist soon.

Lost filling

Lost filling

Use filling material from the chemist as temporary solution or sugar-free chewing gum to bridge cavity. The dentist replaces your filling during the emergency appointment.

Lost crown

Lost crown

Book an appointment with the emergency dentist and carry your dental crown. If in pain or severe sensitivity, You might be able to apply dental cement/toothpaste or denture adhesive to the inner surface of crown and try to place it back over the tooth. Best solution is to see a dentist in emergency to recent the crown if possible. Do not delay seeing a dentist if a crown has come off and you are not in pain. Very quickly, it may become impossible to recent the crown as teeth move and you may need a new crown at a much higher costs.

Trapped object between the teeth

Trapped object between the teeth

Try to remove object with dental floss. In case it is not possible to take out the object, see your dentist immediately.

Broken braces or wires

Broken braces or wires

Rinse mouth with salt water and keep mouth clean to lessen the pain. You may push the wire back into place with a soft pencil eraser. See your dentist when the wire gets broken or it does not move back to its place. In the meantime if the wire injures tongue or cheeks, try to cover it with wax or sugar free chewing gum. See an emergency dentist immediately.

Bands and loose brackets

Bands and loose brackets

Loose braces can be reattached temporarily through orthodontic wax before the dentist fixes them. If a band gets loose, then save it and see your dentist to reattach it.



Abscesses are serious infections under the teeth and can spread further, when not treated. You need to book your emergency appointment with the dentist when you find painful swelling in the mouth. Rinse mouth with salt water to ease the pain and draw pus to the surface if possible. Please avoid using sharp objects to drain an abscess or draw pus. You need to see emergency dentist immediately.

Soft tissue injuries

Soft tissue injuries

Some injuries to the tongue, gums, lips and cheeks bleed excessively and it requires immediate treatment. Aim is to stop the bleeding as soon as possible. Put pressure on the site with moist clean gauze or cloth for at least 15 to 20 minutes to stop the bleeding. You may be able to apply pressure by holding the injured section between your fingers. Otherwise apply direct pressure. It may be impossible to take oral pain killers due to the injury and bleeding. See an emergency dentist immediately.

Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

Bleeding After Tooth Extraction

Minor blood oozing from extraction socket during the first few hours after tooth extraction is nothing to be alarmed about. But when you face profuse bleeding, you should see a dentist for emergency to stop the bleeding. Try to stem bleeding on your own by putting pressure on your bleeding site with a clean gauze.

Wisdom Teeth And Pericoronitis

Wisdom Teeth And Pericoronitis

The gum overlying wisdom teeth may get infected and inflamed. In the early stages, it is possible to treat the issue by cleaning with an antiseptic solution. But it might progress further and cause localized swelling when not treated properly. This can cause difficulty in opening your mouth and swallowing. So, you will need assessment of the situation as infection can spread rapidly. If history of repeated infection, you have to have the wisdom tooth removed. In some cases, as an interim treatment, antibiotics may be prescribed by an emergency dentist, but please remember, antibiotics does not fix the cause of infection and is not a replacement for any treatment needed or advised.

Pain After Dental Extraction And Dry Socket

Pain After Dental Extraction And Dry Socket

You can expect swelling, tenderness, bruising, pain and discomfort for few days after tooth extraction. If any pain, it usually lessens and responds good to anti-inflammatories painkillers such as ibuprofen. If swelling is due to infection, you will need antibiotics. There are some instances when you might suffer from severe pain few day after tooth extraction. This is called a dry socket and typically it is more severe than the pain before the extraction. It is more common with difficult or surgical dental extractions, with extraction of the lower wisdom teeth, in smokers and when you have a past history of dry socket. It generally happens when the blood clot formed in the socket is dislodged after the dental extraction. It is crucial to follow the post extraction instructions to minimise the risk of blood clot loss. Treatment for dry socket involves irrigation of your extraction site with some antiseptic and placement of antiseptic dressing locally. There is no swelling and antibiotics usually have no effect on dry sockets. The treatment may need repeating several times as healing takes time and is a slow recovery.

What can happen when I call the emergency number

What can happen when
I call the emergency number?

  1. 1

    When you dial our emergency number, your call will be answered promptly and we will take all the preliminary details such as your name and contact details. We will find out about the nature of your dental emergency, in brief, so the emergency dentist who is on call for that day will be informed about your booking and the main reason for your emergency visit. Please note a booking fee is taken that goes towards the cost of your visit when your appointment is made with the emergency dentist.

  2. 2

    You will be given the first available appointment as we aim to see patient as soon as possible.

  3. 3

    You will be provided with detailed directions about how to get to our clinic, if needed. We will be able to provide you with some information about parking near the clinic.

  4. 4

    We ensure to render urgent dental care to patients and resolve their concerns quickly.

  5. 5

    You will be treated on the same visit. We will do what ever is needed to relieve your pain or address your concern in the same visit.

If you need to book an emergency dentist appointment, then feel free to give us a call on 02072294627. You can also, 24 hours a day, book your emergency dentist appointment directly online. Or by sending an email to [email protected]

Do you have severe tooth ache and discomfort? Are you looking for an urgent dental treatment and appointment?

24 hours a day, including Saturdays and Sundays, you can directly

Book Your Emergency Dental Appointment Online.


During the clinic opening hours, you can book your appointment by calling us on 
020 7229 4627 or  07885 532883

our fees

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Emergency Appointment

The targeted consultation for handling a single problem and the additional treatment fee.


White Fillings

The price differs according to the size and complexity of your filling



The cost of each tooth depends on the tooth and its complexity


Wisdom Tooth Extraction

* The price of each tooth is based on the tooth and complexity


Crown Re-Cement

The cost of each crown depends on the complexity


Root Canal Treatment, first stage

There will be a small increase of £50 for more complex cases and back teeth.


* There can be additional fees of £100-£300 for more complex and surgical extractions.

our team

We are a dedicated team of dental professionals, providing excellent care and highly skilled emergency and non emergency dental treatments in our fully private dental clinic.

Meet our experienced team and get help during emergency.

FAQs on Dental Emergency

Any kind of dental problem that requires instant or immediate treatment to lessen pain or extreme pain, stop bleeding or save a tooth is known as an emergency. The consideration is applicable to severe infections that might be risky. When you are having any of these problems, you care considered to be in need of a dental emergency. In a dental emergency appointment, attention and treatment is given only to cause of the emergency need and treatment is provided. It differs from a dental examination appointment in which only the general health of the teeth and gum is assessed and no active treatment is provided.

Any dentist can provide emergency treatment. An emergency dentist, however, is referred to a dentist that is highly experienced in assessment, correct diagnosis and providing the treatment needed to get patients out of pain or trouble. In other words an emergency dentist is an expert in managing a dental emergency in the simplest, fastest and most cost effective manor to resolve the need of a patient.

As per your emergency, the dentist detects and treats the cause or possible causes of a problem. When you experience severe pain, the dentist will diagnose the actual cause and treat the problem accordingly. There are some instances when you might have to remove a tooth which causes pain. Your dentist will explain about it before this takes place.

In order to fix an appointment with our Emergency Dentist team, you can call, book online or email us. Your details will be taken, such as name, date of birth and contact details with a brief history of the nature of you dental emergency. The dentist will be informed about the nature of you emergency, so they know what is expected to be treated. A booking fee for your emergency appointment will be taken to secure your appointment and this payment goes towards the cost of any treatment you receive.

Currently, the cost of an Emergency Dentist appointment or emergency consultation is £49 ( this is subject to changes from time to time and please see fee pages for up to date costs). This fee is the same for registered patients of Bayswater Dental Clinic or new patients. The cost of any x- rays taken, treatments provided or medications dispensed, will be in addition to your emergency consultation fee. The emergency dentist will inform you of the cost involved before any treatment is carried out both in verbal and written forms. In our clinic, all the fees are published in advance on our website so transparency, so people can be fully aware of the fee ranges involved for any dental emergency service. Please see our fee page for more information.

It generally requires somewhere around 30 minutes to one hour for completing a dental emergency appointment. This will depend on how long the issue takes to diagnose as well as to stabilise or treat.

You will have to evaluate the severity of your problem or injury and the need for seeing a dentist in emergency. In reality, vast majority of people can assess and understand themselves when they need to see a dentist in an emergency. There is vast array of reasons for seeing an emergency dentist. To name few most common causes are pain, infection, swelling and abscess, bleeding, sharp or broken teeth or dentures, lost fillings, lost crown or veneers or dentures and wisdom teeth pain.

In case you need to contacts us when the reception team is not open, you can book your appointment with us online which is available 24 hours a day seven days a week for emergency appointments.

Nationally you can get guidance by calling 111.

We provide early morning, late evening, Saturday and Sunday appointments for emergency dentist. You may select the timing according to your convenience.

You need to see an emergency dentist in London when you experience severe toothache or gum ache, have dental abscess, have lost a filling or broken a tooth, met an accident or suffer from bleeding. When you have trouble swallowing or breathing, you should seek the opinion of a dentist.

When you visit our dental practice in London for an emergency dentist appointment, our qualified team will diagnose the exact problem, prevent it from worsening and lessen any pain you might experience. Starting with dental assessment of the problem, our emergency dentist will carry out necessary treatments such as fitting, either with temporary dental restorations or permanent restorations, root canal therapy, next day denture repairs or making express dentures and extractions.

Emergency dental care can help to avoid medical complications and allows individuals to enjoy improved dental health, eating and communication without discomfort, trauma or pain. Children who suffer from disabilities and old individuals are at greater risk of health-related complications, when dental emergencies are not taken proper care. Our emergency dental care will be accessible 7 days a week so that those who require dental care in emergency may get on time treatment.