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Root Canal Treatment Root Canal Treatment

Emergency Root Canal Treatment London

Root canal treatment doesn’t need to be painful. Before any root canal treatment is carried out patient must be well anaesthetised, so they do not feel any discomfort during the procedure. Sometimes, when there is severe acute pain with a tooth, it may take time to fully anaesthetize the patient and higher doses of local anaesthetic may be needed. Without a doubt, we can get patients fully anaesthetized prior to the carrying out a root canal treatment. Different forms of local anaesthesia are available.

When Root canal treatment is Needed

Root Canal Treatment is needed when the pulp chamber and the canals within the roots of a tooth are irreversibly inflamed due to infection, causing severe pain. The inflammation can be caused by many factors such as infection, otherwise known as tooth decay, fractured and broken tooth, fracture lines due to grinding and trauma of a kind. Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of infected pulp resulting in pain and a need for root canal treatment to save the tooth.

Procedure for root canal treatment

The process of root canal treatment consists of disinfecting the inside of the tooth and the roots and then filling them. It is a very skilled and technically involved process and in order to achieve the best result, the root canal treatment can take time and be completed over a few appointments.

The length of time it takes to complete the root canal treatment is usually around several hours It depends on the tooth, its complexity and time and the number of appointments it takes to finish the root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment success rate

Root canal treatment has a high success rate and many root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime.

Root canal treatment cost

The cost of a root canal treatment varies. The factors that influence the cost of a root canal treatment can be listed as

  • The length of time needed to complete the root canal treatment. The bigger and more canals in a tooth, the more expensive the treatment.
  • The experience and qualifications of the person providing the root canal treatment.
  • The materials and the equipment used for the root canal treatment.
  • The complexity of the root canal treatment.

At Bayswater Dental Clinic all our fees are published, so you check on our website.