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Fixing Crowns Fixing Crowns

Emergency Dental Crowns Repair London

At Emergency Dentist London Pro, We provide fixing of broken dental crowns repair in London. As we know a loose crown can be very unsettling, but it is also a very common problem. Fortunately, if the crown is in good shape, we can easily cement it back in place. The sooner you call us, the better. This is because the dentin underneath the crown is very vulnerable to damage and decay. The longer you wait, the more likely the dentin will change its shape and the dental crown will not fit anymore.

Dealing with a loose Dental crown? Contact us today and have it taken care of immediately.

If the crown is loose but it has not fallen out, do not wiggle it or touch it. When chewing food, use the side of the mouth that does not have the dental crown. Aggravating the loose crown could damage the abutment inside, which will only make things worse. If the dental crown is broken into pieces and your tooth is too sensitive, you can insulate the area with sugar-free chewing gum or a little dental cement. However, this solution will only help to ease the discomfort for a few hours as you wait to see your dentist.

Fixing loose dental bridge and repair in dental emergency

Over time, the dental cement that holds a tooth bridge in place will start to fail and this may cause an old bridge to feel loose. It may be possible to re-cement it if the supporting teeth are still in good condition; otherwise, the dental bridge will have to be replaced.

Fixing loose dental veneer and repair in dental emergency

Due to the different types of dental veneers, materials and associated care requirements, veneer damage and restoration techniques may vary. Our dentists will evaluate your oral health, treatment suitability and the condition of dental veneers during an emergency dental appointment.

A lost dental crown, bridge or dental veneer in a dental emergency

If your dental crown, bridge or dental veneer is missing, call us straightaway to book an emergency dentist crown appointment. We might be able to advise on a temporary solution or pain relief to reduce discomfort before your appointment.