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Dental Insurance Dental Insurance

It make good financial sense to have dental insurance to fully cover or subsidise the cost of dental treatments, specially when there is an emergency dental need. After all, we all want to take good care of our teeth in a dental emergency situation or otherwise.

In our clinic:

  • we accept all dental insurances world wide
  • We try to keep the cost of dental treatment as close as possible to your dental insurance cover. So there is minimal need to pay extra out of your own pocket, if at all needed.
  • We assist and help you to complete your dental insurance forms to allow fast reimbursement of the cost by your dental insurance provider.
  • We work with dental insurance providers that directly pay the dentist without the patient needing to fill in the claim forms. In particular for dental emergency visits.

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How does dental insurances work?

It all depends on what level of coverage you have and which insurer provides your dental insurance as each insurer has its own criteria. Patients must be familiar and aware of these and the level of their coverage.

Usually dental insurers have different level of coverage from low coverage and partly subsidies the cost to full coverage of the dental costs. It all depends on the premium you pay for your dental insurance. Usually the higher the premium you pay, the better the level of your coverage.

How do patients get their money back from their insurance companies?

In vast majority of the cases, patients are reimbursed the cost of their treatment by filling and submitting to the dental insurer their claim form and their receipts of payments for the treatment the dentist has done. In these situations the clinic can be very helpful in completing the claim forms correctly, to allow patient get their money back from the insurers fast. In our clinic we provide a fantastic service with this regard and your dental insurance claim forms are filled in and completed and stamped on the spot while you are at the clinic. We also assist you with completing your forms and the technicality of them.

Alternative way is that the dental insurance company directly pays the the dentist or the clinic without the patient being involved in the claim process. This is mostly with dental insurances covering people that are travelling or are in holiday trips.

In our clinic we welcome any form of coverage and payments, no mater which type of insurance it is. Our aim is just to get our patients out of their dental need in simplest, easiest and fastest way with providing excellent service.

How do patients get their money back from their insurance companies?

How much of the cost of my dental treatment is covered by my dental insurance?

It all depends on your level of coverage as it is set out in your agreement with Your dental insurance. You must read and know about your agreement and familiarise yourself with it. Your cover can be subsidised cost, which means the insurer covers part of your cost up to a maximum or can be full coverage which means whatever the cost of dental treatment, they pay it in full and reimburse you the full amount. In either case, in our clinic, we aim to consider these when we quote you for the cost of treatment and make it as easy as possible for you.